Yet another blog

Another blog, what for ? There are so many of them, and I don't read any. So why create my own one?

Actually I have a rather negative opinion about social networking, web 2.0 and all that stuff. It seems we spend too much energy on relaying existing information and not enough to create or invent things. Do a single search in Google, and you will face tens of identical paragraphs copied in many blogs and sites, making it difficult to find what you are currently looking for. Too much information kills information.

This is especially true in the scientific or professional area. Facing a problem most of my colleagues immediately jump to Google to look for a solution. So who is really working on solutions? Of course doing so gives you a chance to avoid re-inventing things that are already known. But the cost is huge in my opinion, as the chances to go for real, innovative solutions are near zero.

My PhD professor once told me that he wanted us to do our preliminary research before any bibliography, to favor imagination and new solution. His though was that once you read papers about a given problem, you have fewer chances to imagine a brand new approach. He was definitely right.

Moreover, there is a trend to some kind of real-time information (twitter, smartphones) that is even worse. My boss never spends more than a few minutes thinking about any subject without being interrupted by a mail / phone call / SMS. What is the capacity left for thinking ahead, planning a strategy or even having any serious work done? Zero.

Blogs are also a way to express our opinions, and the Internet looks like a giant hall where everybody shouts its own opinion. So much noise. And now I'm adding my own voice to it, not because I want my opinion to be heard by millions of people, but because I need your reactions to my thoughts, I need people to discuss my opinions, to contradict me. Therefore, comments are not moderated.

First entry written, enjoy a happy new year for 2011!


P.S. This blog entry was written in English though we are French. So expect some mistakes or errors in our writings, sorry for that :)


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